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Architectural millwork1

Specialized at first in kitchen cabinetry, our company has rapidly exported its expertise to the commercial sector. Now, one of our greatest strengths is architectural millwork.

Among our achievements: Club de Golf de l'Île-Bizard, St-James Hotel and Brulerie Aux Quatre Vents, located in the Atwater Market.

Always on the cutting edge of technology, we can accomplish large-scale projects that combine great style and rigorous functionality.

Transform your office space into a bright, modern, stylish and impeccable place. Let our consulting services to determine the ideal solutions for your business or organization. We will help you complete your project in details, in respect of your needs and tastes, for complete satisfaction.

Watch our completed projects in architectural millwork.


Residential cabinetry 1

You are dreaming of a beautiful cabinetry, that stands out and reveals the beauty of your home. You have good ideas for this renovation project. You want style and functionality. Pierre Beaulieu’s team is there to help you achieve this project in no time!

• Custom-made cabinetry
You have great ideas for your cabinetry project but constraints in terms of space? No problem! We can create specially designed cabinets to match your tastes and needs.
Wooden stairways, walk-in closets, crafted wooden doors... Our professional and personalized services will assure you complete satisfaction!

• Crafted wooden doors
You want to add an element of charm to your home? Something original and warm? Then you have to consider adding crafted wooden doors. We have a wide selection of high quality solid wood, which can be dyed in all shades of color and crafted by hand. Unique, original and custom carved doors will always leave a great impression.

Click here to see a slideshow of completed projects of residential cabinetry.


Commercial cabinetry1

Your business or organization is thriving and you want this success to reflect in a stylish, warm and dynamic presentation? We have the solutions and ideas to transform your business place and office spaces into an environment that combines modern and classical designs.

Tell us about the image you want to reflect on your customers and ww will make it a reality!

Click here to see the slideshow of our achievements in commercial cabinetry.


Construction of cellars:

Keep your treasures from an exceptional vintage in a safe place: a true cedar cellar! Your bottle collection will be kept at the right temperature, and could stay in place years!

A good cedar cellar also improve the good taste of your home with its old charm style and its warmth. 

Click here to see the slideshow of our wine cellars.


Complete kitchen renovation:

When time comes to invest in a new look for your kitchen, the important thing is to have it professionally designed. Great appearance and functionality will inevitably increase the value of your property. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream kitchen in no time!

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Bathroom renovation:

Having a sumptuous bathroom is always a good contribution to your quality of life. Obviously, you have ideas and particular tastes. Our job is to take your dream and make it a reality, and more!

Click here to see the slideshow of our work on bathroom renovation.